Book Fairies do exist

Our secret mission began on a cloudy summer morning. My daughter carried the package under her arm, hoping not to attract attention. I whispered, try to look normal. Zooey surveyed the coffee shop…a dark cozy table with summer flowers in a green vase. Looks good. Casually, she wandered to the table and laid the package (Judy Blume’s Blubber) on the window sill by the flowers. When you’re a book fairy, you can’t attract attention. Zooey would have turned bright read if she heard…Hey, kid, you forgot your copy of Blubber.

Casually and slowly we tiptoed out of the coffee shop looking to see if someone might stop to pick up her book. I told Zooey that it was more fun not to know…she disagreed!

Mermaids, unicorns and fairies…when a book is involved, we believe! Zooey is my book fairy. She frequently leaves behind books in a fairyriffic place like Kimsey’s coffee so that she can share her good book with others. This makes me feel magical Zooey said after releasing her book in a cozy nook. It brought her such joy…thinking about someone else that might enjoy her book. Being on the other end and finding a book is all about serendipity.

Zooey adores Emma Watson and if you follow Emma on instagram, you can see her being a book fairy in Paris. Emma was her inspiration to be a book fairy and now the reason she wants to go to Paris…Mom, we need to be book fairies in Paris like Emma! 

Books are magical and bring such happiness that everyone should be a book fairy.

All you need to do is leave behind a book for people to find. You can make it extra special with a book fairy ribbon, sticker and bookmark from the book fairy bundle. The world needs more book fairies…sharing the gift of a good book is an act of generosity and kindness. 

We believe in book fairies! Do you?

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