Aerial Yoga with my girl


Kids LOVE to hang upside-down on the monkey bars…aerial yoga for kids just makes sense.

My daughter and I have danced on stage together, practiced Pilates and paddleboard yoga together and now we share a love for aerial yoga.

When I told my daughter that my friend and favorite yoga instructor, Sloane, was having an aerial yoga for kids class at her new studio she jumped up and down screaming, “YES, this is going to be so much fun!”

Remember that feeling you had when you were a kid swinging on the playground at recess? Aerial yoga provides that same sense of lightness with the support of the fabric…think anti-gravity AND anti-aging!  When the fabric is wrapped around the hips to support the body, tipping upside down feels incredibly natural…spreading the arms out like an eagle, reaching the legs out to the sides of the wall and letting go of any pressure in the lower back is an amazing sensation!


Imagine Cirque du Soleil–style yoga. Sloane has the class start out with the hammock at your hip crease and fold forward into down dog. I could feel a release in the front of my hip joints and found a natural alignment adjustment as I folded deeper in the hammock…gravity does the work and it feels soooo good.

Yoga is wonderful for every (adult and child) body. Aerial yoga is a way to explore new and traditional yoga with your body weight partially or fully supported. This allows you to expand flexibility, increase range of motion, build strength, lengthen and decompress the spine as you relax the nervous system. Letting gravity take over while being held in a hammock can deepen yoga poses and allow you to safely invert. It’s a fun way to find some zen and feel young again while flying.

My daughter said that aerial yoga was fun but also hard. I like that she was laughing when she was being challenged. This tells me that she’s working on coordination and strength while building her confidence and mental concentration.

Try it and you will find a sense of peace, playfulness, creativity and empowerment to thrive on and off the mat. Aerial yoga is a way to dream and imagine you are an aerial acrobat feeling free and enjoying life even more.




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