You’ve Got Mail!!

My husband calls me on the phone, “You’ve got mail!” Those are the BEST three words to hear!! He asks me if he needs to open it to put it in the fridge! That tells me it must be a HelloFresh or CraftedTaste. I can’t wait to get home and see! The day just gets instantly better when there’s a package waiting for you. These five monthly subscriptions make life a lot sweeter and easier. There’s nothing better or more simple than a subscription box…pay a small monthly fee, then wait for a box of goodies to show up at your door. Love it? Keep it! Not so much, cancel or send it back (if it’s a Stitchfix) and move onward!


Stitch Fix Box


This is for the person who wants to update their closet but is maybe pressed for time to shop…think, working mothers with young children! Stitch Fix can step in as your personal stylist. They carefully collect a profile of information outlining your size and style then send you a box of five clothing and accessory items. You’ll pay a $20 styling fee per box, but if you keep any of the pieces, the $20 counts toward your purchase. If you keep all five, you’ll receive an additional 25% off the total price. Stitch Fix gives you the personalized advice you’d typically find in a boutique or higher-end department store but…the stylists rely on the initial survey to make perfect selections. Stitch Fix asks questions like…“How do you prefer clothes to fit the bottom half of your body?” and “What do you like to flaunt? What would you rather keep covered?” Try it, your closet will thank you!




Cocktail of the month subscription? Yes, please!! I like to drink seasonally but sometimes get stuck on my same summer cocktails. Crafted Taste delivers amazing craft cocktails from some of the world’s top bartenders. It’s fun to discover a new drink and get to play around with ingredients that might be hard to find on your own. Each kit includes all the full sized ingredients needed to create the cocktail at home, easy to follow instructions, other cocktail ideas you might want to experiment with and recommended food parings. Crafted Taste is all about learning, experimenting, sharing modern cocktails, and expanding your home bar.






My friend Lisa told me about HelloFresh over the summer and I’ve been hooked sense then. I’ve gotten my Mom and my fellow teacher friends hooked too…everyone loves HelloFresh! My husband and I do love cooking dinner, but on busy weeks we sometimes wish there was someone else to take care of the planning and shopping. This is a huge reason of why our family enjoys HelloFresh. It’s perfect for a busy family who loves to eat well. It’s also a no brainer…saving you a grocery store trip! It also works with your budget…three meals for four people at only $129!! HelloFresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your doorstep weekly or as you’d like them too…there’s no commitment. I love that I can cook quick and healthy meals for my family and everyone is happy!




This is the perfect present for your best friend, mom, teachers…One of my favorite packages to receive! Birchbox lets you try high-end beauty samples and discover new products without committing to buying a full-size item. Based on your personal profile, each box will contain five to six travel-size skincare, makeup, and perfume samples, all geared to your specific taste. You might also score some non-beauty extras—think hair ties, water bottles, and ear buds. The company also caters to men…check out Birchbox Man as well.




Tea, dessert, ibuprofen and tampons. What do these four products have in common? They’re all included in The Period Store’s monthly packages. Women can customize their monthly package right before their period starts…just fill out information about their cycles on the website and can customize packages to include your favorite products. Each package also comes along with some painkillers, two tea bags, a 5×7 piece of art and a gourmet treat.


These amazing monthly boxes may be a gift from you to you, but that doesn’t take away any of the excitement…just wait until you get the phone call, “You’ve got mail!”

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