Get Ready for Rush


It’s that time of year when incoming college freshmen girls are getting ready to go through rush…what a fun time it is. Going through rush is an exciting and memorable time that you will never forget. This is an experience of a lifetime that will shape your college career in the very best way. Get ready to go with the flow, be yourself and know that you will find your place.

The University of Alabama (my alma mater) has the largest sorority recruitment process…there are over 2,000 students participating in rush. Participates are encouraged to read Greek Chic (a recruitment manual).

These girls need recommendations from alumnae who are in good standing with their sorority. Only a sorority alumna can write a recommendation to her sorority. One or two recommendations for each chapter are helpful for the PMN (potential new member)…recs are like extra credit!

It is customary that the PMN provide the alumna who is writing the recommendation with a photograph, a copy of their academic transcript, a social resume, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Recommendations are written and sent in by alumnae…most sororities are moving to filing recommendations electronically. These forms help members to get to know you in advance of the formal recruitment.

Good impressions start with a recommendation. This year, I did both…an electronic rec and one that I mailed in. I think it’s nice for the girls getting ready for rush to have something in their hands…pictures, RIF’s (recruitment information forms) and a personal letter of recommendation too. Sorority girls today have twitter and Facebook to look at…it’s important for the PMN to look like a lady on their social media accounts so they’re invited back.

Here are some tips for potential new members. Make sure you take it all in and really appreciate the process, your fellow rushees, and the entire Greek life culture. Best wishes for a successful rush week.

  • DO say something positive and memorable about yourself.
  • DON’T talk about drinking, sex, politics or religion.
  • DO dress like a lady…reveal the very best image of yourself.
  • DON’T gossip about other rushees or sororities.
  • DO act like you care and are happy to be there.
  • DON’T rely on stereotypes. Use your own judgment and go through rush with an open mind.
  • DO be genuine. Be yourself and you will truly end up where you’re meant to be.
  • DON’T have any photos, posts or comments in your social media that wouldn’t put you in a flattering light.
  • DO be kind, polite, respectful, and most of all…be gracious.



These are pictures of me and my roommate on Preference Night. You can tell we look so happy…I think it’s because we know the next day is Bid Day.

AXO Bama rush 97

I fondly remember practicing the beautiful Alpha Chi Omega songs at the University of Alabama before rush began. The last day of rush is the most special because that is when we serenade our hopeful new pledges. This is a picture of some of my sorority sisters during rush week…such happy memories!

Enjoy every moment! Recruitment is a whirlwind of a week but it is filled with so much fun…meeting new people, listening to lots of songs, and at the end you find sisters to call your own. It’s a really exciting process. Take it day by day and just enjoy! Remember that you’re looking for a house where you can be yourself and feel at home.


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