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My great-grandmother was a beautician. My Mom has the most beautiful memories of being a child in her salon. She talks about the smells and the happy buzz of the women “getting beautiful.” I remember the smell of my Mom’s Jean Nate bath splash and thinking it was so glamourous. I’ve always had an obsession with beauty products. As a teenager, I loved making my own beauty treatments. My friend Jen and I would have home spa days and be content to relax in a homemade face mask while flipping through the latest teen magazines of Sassy, Seventeen and YM.

I found some products that make me reminisce for the days when I made them myself and were probably very similar to what my great-grandmother used in her beauty salon. FarmHouse Fresh is a North Texas company of natural bath, body and facial beauty products. Texan’s have a reputation for glamour. Dallas women are known to be beautiful all around the world so it makes sense that this line is coming from deep in the heart of Texas. I imagine Betty Draper (from Mad Men) would have an appreciation for FHF’s vintage 60’s packaging.

FarmHouse Fresh lovingly packages their products in charming little jelly jars, country glass cruets and glass bottles that look like an old-fashioned Coke. They make you long for a time when you weren’t in a hurry to go to the beauty shop because you had other places to be. That’s what makes FarmHouse so special…the products look like they took a lot of time and put old-fashioned southern care into them. You almost expect the milk man to deliver them to your home.

Now is the time to be good to your skin. Winter weather and too much holiday fun can give skin a beating. The things that sound so nice to us when it’s cold…hot toddies, house heaters and hot baths are the things that rob our skin of its natural balance. Winter skin craves hydration to replenish the moisture that it’s missing.

Do you juice? Consuming nutrient-rich vegetables in their purest form acts like a miracle cream for the skin. My daughter woke up on New Year’s Day exhausted from staying up late the night before. I knew that I needed to juice some apples and celery to get us going and start the day clean and fresh. Using natural beauty products like FHF is a way to juice from the outside. Scary fact…your skin retains the memory of every party you’ve ever gone to…which is why we need to nourish it and juice from the outside too. I’m excited to do that with Texas products like FarmHouse Fresh.

These are some of my favorite FHF products:

Wine Down Overnight Super Antioxidant Recovery Serum

I put my Wine Down on before going to bed and when I wake up, I look bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I like knowing that Wine Down is made from Texas winery grapes. This cocktail of vegetables, unripened fruit and Texas wine helps to reduce the look of pores, fine lines and dark circles while hydrating the skin. This pretty burgundy-hued overnight anti-aging serum is like a super food for a healthy face…just like juicing!

Bonus fact: InStyle Magazine selected Wine Down as one of the best products for serious skin repair.


Honey Heel Glaze

This is an eraser for dry spots on heels that instantly soaks into the skin. Just put a dollop on said spots, rub it in and say hello to pedicured feet. You can also apply to flaky, dry patches on your toes or even knuckles. The Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze is made with genuine honey and aloe leaf juice.  Brushing on this moisturizing glaze is sure to invigorate your tired, dry feet while the honey relaxes you!


Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter

Fluffy Bunny is a buttery bliss for the body and perfect for sensitive skin. The chicory root soothes irritated skin and the sweet almond oil makes your skin feel as soft as a fluffy bunny.


Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask

One whiff of this chocolate sundae and you’ll want to dig in with a spoon. It smells amazing and makes your face extra kissable. Cocoa, coconut milk and honey will make your skin silky smooth and help fight off wrinkles and dryness.


Wishing you a beautiful winter! xx

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