Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga



I asked my friend Pamela if she’d like to try a SUP class (stand up paddleboard yoga) with me. We like the same kind of movement…ballet, Pilates and yoga so I knew she’d say, “Yes, Let’s do it!”

I found out about the class from one of my favorite yoga teachers.  When Pamela and I arrived, we were greeted by Sloane telling us to pick out a board and enjoy the calming effects of the water…Sloane would say, “Listen to the sounds of summer.”

I love outside yoga practice…the feel of the sun warming your body, the smell of sunscreen but the relaxation of the water added a new element that was challenging AND energizing. We all need more vitamin D!

A paddleboard is about the same size as a yoga mat. When you place your belly on the hole in the center then you stay centered.

I imagine that if I practiced paddleboard yoga all the time, I really would stay centered…I would also get one of these pretty boards.

sup 1

The balancing poses were the most difficult. You HAVE to use your core to stabilize. Paddleboard yoga calls for more focus and I also felt more motivated simply because, I didn’t want to fall!

It was easy to see if your balance was off because the board lets you know if you have more weight on one side.

Sloane’s eight-year-old daughter was the bravest of the class. She would go for it, fall, and get right back up with a smile. She’s a little girl who is growing up VERY balanced!

The best part of practicing paddleboard yoga is that feels a bit like walking on water. Once you’ve tried a SUP paddleboard yoga class, you’re going to want to repeat the same feeling…it’s magical!

When Pamela and I left our boards, we said the same thing that we did going in…“Yes, Let’s do it…AGAIN!!”

sup 2