Happy Birthday to my Tar Heel Dad!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

FIJI, up for anything, athlete and more.


Last week my family visited my brother and his family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We all had the pleasure of walking in my Dad’s footsteps visiting the campus where he got his undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill. It is a gorgeous campus full of history and TREES! 


My Dad proudly informed us that UNC was chartered in 1789 and opened its doors for students in 1795 as the nation’s first public university. UNC has earned a reputation as one of the BEST universities in the world. Holding majestic memories, he rarely goes a day without wearing Carolina blue. 


You can tell from these photographs why he has a love for trees AND that he had a great time! Even before my brother and his wife moved from Texas to North Carolina, my Dad made several trips there to visit his lifelong college friends.


I dated a Phi Gamma Delta in college at the University of Alabama for a while and loved it when my Dad met the guy…they did their secret FIJI handshake! 



My Dad walking my son up to his fraternity house to show him where his old room was. 


My brother and my children drinking from the Old Well (the most cherished drinking fountain in North Carolina). Legend has it that drinking from the Old Well the first day of classes will bring students good luck. It was some of the sweetest water I have ever tasted. 

The UNC campus trees have survived the Union army’s occupation during the Civil War, hurricane winds and ice storms. They are the treasures of the campus. 



My Dad took this picture of the South Building over forty years ago. It was such a good feeling to see him reminisce. 


Tar Heels on Hand,

To steal the Thunder from the Sky: Then take our stand,

As every man does right by Blue and White,
We’ll give the Tar Heels a Hand,

And cheer them on to do or die (Yeah!)

All of us are for U.N.C. and you can betcha we’re proud to be
the Tar Heels on Hand!

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