A Charmed Life

Charm bracelets are as inspiring to the wearer as Christmas ornaments are to the decorator. Each evoke memories and trigger emotions we yearn to feel again. Each charm tells a story: perhaps about a place you traveled, a goal you accomplished, an event you were a part of, or a person who gave it to you…

One of my favorite charms on my bracelet is a convertible car because it’s a happy memory of my first car that I loved, a maroon Volkswagen Cabriolet. 

Charm bracelets are also instant conversation starters. You can learn so much about a woman by looking closely at her charm bracelet. I’ve even learned many things about my mom from her charm bracelet that I didn’t already know. She played the clarinet, was Maid of Cotton, won several talent shows and more.

Charm bracelets gained popularity in the forties when soldiers sent charms home to the women they loved so they would be remembered. It’s a popular American tradition to give a teenage girl a charm bracelet to celebrate special occasions. It’s the perfect gift and the receiver will most often be “charmed, I’m sure.”

It’s so very special for mothers to pass their bracelets down to their daughters. My daughter likes to hear it jingling from her petite wrist and watch the charms dangle.

Teachers like to give charm bracelets to their friends who are retiring. My dear friend Phyllis is retiring this year after teaching twenty-six years. It is so sad to know she’s leaving, but it’s so enjoyable to see the charms each team is carefully selecting for her. 

Charm bracelets are très charmant. They mark life’s milestones with style. They should continue to grow as they continue to reflect new memories and accomplishments. The idea is to add charms throughout your life. You can never have too many experiences or baubles. A charmed life should be appreciated by the eyes of all the beholders and the gift of a charm is always a charming way to show your appreciation for someone you care about. 

Here are a few places to get inspiration for charm bracelets:

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