Swing into Spring

Jean-Honore Fragonard’s 1767 painting, The Swing is famous for its Rococo style and flirtatiousness. It has that has that a “love is in the air” springtime flingtime feel. It’s fun to know that back in 1767 it caused quite the scandal. I can’t help but sing Melanie Safka’s1971 song in my head…it just works!

“I’ve got a brand new pair of rollerskates

You’ve got a brand new key

I think that we should get together and

Try them on to see”

Flirtatiousness can translate to any century or age but springtime is the time when we feel the most flirtatious. Can’t you just hear that French flirty woman singing Melanie’s…la la la la la la’s as she kicks off her shoe to one of her lovers?


Flirtatious French writer, Colette’s 1910 novel The Vagabond (the wanderer) tells the story of a woman, Renée Néré, who becomes a music hall dancer after a divorce and contemplates another marriage with a man who is crazy for her. Colette’s character, Renee, is based on her own life which makes The Vagabond even more riveting. Written over one-hundred years ago, it still has relevant charm that just can’t be dated.  


Neroli (the orange flower) is associated with love and romance and known for it’s calming effects. In the 17th century an Italian princess, Anne Marie Orsini (princess of Nerola, Italy) was so fond of orange blossom that her name was given to this flower…neroli. Tom Ford Neroli PortofinoNeroli 36Neroli, and Fleurs D’Oranger are four top neroli frangrances that will sooth you and all those who come in contact with you. 

Spring Romance…Texas-style:

The Lone Star State’s bluebonnets are blooming. Texas ladies like to wear pretty boots with flowy skirts and dresses. These Old Gringo boots would be perfect for a romantic picnic. I like the romance of letter writing and what a special way to personalize your letter with a Texas size return address stamp. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? What about your state around your neck? What a perfect way to show your pride. GaugeNYC state pendant necklaces give “Deep in the Heart of Texas” a visual meaning. I love the idea of wearing my state close to my heart. 


Madeleine Peyroux‘s new release, The Blue Room, is perfect for springtime flingtime love and afternoon delights. I love her versions on four of Ray Charles’ songs but my favorite is her take on the Everly Brother’s, Bye Bye Love with her Billie Holiday pitch…it’s beautiful.

Spring Patterns:

Spring is the perfect time to mix and match patterns and colors. I can’t get enough of Sferra’s Piccadilly country pattern. It’s just right for a picnic and Easter brunch. The kind of girl that wears the Clover Canyon Turquoise Valley Neoprene dress is a girl who wears rollerskates AND kicks them off in a swing. I’m so excited that it’s time to think about swimsuits. I love these pretty feminine springtime patterns of one-piece suits by Camilla and Marc and Madewell

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

It’s spring…time for a brand new pair of rollerskates! And make sure you bring the key! xx

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