We are only weeks away from Christmas day! Here are some ideas to help you check off everyone on your list. Think personalized and thoughtful gifts that make your loved ones feel extra special. Chop! Chop! Time is almost up. Need more ideas? Check gift guides from 2011. Happy Shopping!!

Gifts for the Kids

Geomag Young builders will have fun with magnetic construction. This is one of my little boy’s favorite things to play with. It doesn’t break, teaches problem solving and creativity. starting at $19.95

Paris in a box Play with wooden landmarks of Paris. $17.95

HABA Wonderful World Wooden Animal Blocks Children can create scenes with wooden animals, figures and trees. $31.04

Tegu I love the click-clack sound of the Tegu magnetic blocks and the feel of the hardwood. These are one of my favorite toys my little boy has and plays with more than his Legos. starting at $12.00

Doll Party Pillow My little girl loves to play with dolls and dress up. I thought this would be the perfect gift for her. $59.95

Lego Big Ben For kids of all ages! You’re never too old for Legos! $39.95

Gifts for Everyone

Stickygram magnets with photos from instagram that can decorate your fridge or a Christmas present. These will bring lots of smiles…and so will the price. $14.99

Wax Seals  Seal your card with a xo and make your letters oh so special! $16.00

Silicon Ice Ball Maker Imagine the smile you’ll get from your husband when you serve him his favorite cocktail with a giant ice ball!

Talavera Platters  Give the gift of color in the kitchen with a beautiful Mexican platter. $76.46

Kaleido Trays stackable and versatile, these trays make organization colorful. starting at $16.00

Feed Projects I have such love for Feed Projects. Give a gift that gives in return. starting at $5.00

Gifts for Mom, Sister, Best Friend…

Priceless Prints A kit that lets you take your child’s fingerprint and turn it into jewelry. $75.99

Wire wrapped personalized bracelet delicate cursive that’s personal and unique. $99.95

Gold Initial Earrings  These earrings will become your best friend’s signature piece. $132.00

Ten Thousand Things You will find beautiful and colorful jewelry here that looks like it could have been heirloom. starting at $65.00

Gifts for Dad, Brother, Best Friend…

Glow in the Dark Bocce Ball Everyone loves a game and anything outside in the dark is fun! $68.95

New York Times Subscription Make his weekend happier with his favorite newspaper.starting at $3.90

Brooks Brothers Boxers I always give my husband boxers for Christmas. Brooks Brothers are his favorite. 

3 for $59.00

Shirt Pocket Magnifier This might be of some assistance at his desk and he will thank you! $6.99

When I asked my husband for ideas on what a man wants, his first response was for everyone to be happy. I did get out of him that he appreciates a custom made shirt. Good luck with that one! 

I always think this Bo Derek quote at Christmas time…Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. It’s all about the smiles

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