‘Tis the Season for Stuffing Mailboxes

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is checking the mailbox to see if we’ve received greeting cards! It’s better than opening a present! The hard part is deciding which card to choose. I find myself agonizing over the card selection because there are simply too many beautiful options. With so many to pick from, deciding can be more overwhelming than picking a family moment worthy of mailing. These are some of my favorite cards. I hope these ideas will inspire you to send your love and holiday cheer this season. 

The Newsletter…Updated
A holiday “year in review” is a more updated way to share the highlights of the year with your friends than the standard newsletter. Newsletters have never been my favorite…they’re usually too long and too cheesy! These “report” cards keep it short, sweet and clean.  Snapfish A Year in ReviewMinted Annual Report and Minted Year in Review are classy and colorful.

A Bit of Whimsy
There are several holiday cards have an extra oomph and pizazz that can make your card stand out from the rest. Some of them you can even add to your tree. Peartree Greetings Cheer  , Peartree Greetings mittens, Peartree Gingham photos on a string and  Rifle snow and sled ornament have a special whimsy that delights and dazzles.

Thick Paper
I am such a fan of ultra thick paper. The paper from Pinhole Press has a red candy center that makes it as good as a sweet candycane. Pinhole Press 2013 is a classic and classy way to say “Happy New Year!” Minted Joyeux Noel made with thick paper is a treasure. You can even choose to design it with rounded or scalloped edges.

Extras and how to make them last
My other favorite part is dressing up the envelope with bonus pictures on the label and stamp. Create your own stamp on Zazzle and add a label that shares a preview of what’s inside. It’s like the whipping cream on top! Here are a few ideas on what to do with your holiday cards to make them last and enjoy them longer…make a photo book and turn your cards into contact images on your phone.

The Moma store has the ever whimsical Robert Sabuda pop up cards. For the past several years, I have favored the accordion-style Christmas card. Below are some of my past creations.

Christmas cards are the best present of the season. ‘Tis the season for stuffing mailboxes!

Places to browse: Pinhole Press, Tinyprints, Snapfish, Peartree greetings, Minted, Rifle Paper, Moma Store, and Shutterfly.

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