Pinkalicious the Musical is Pinkeriffic!

Pretty in pink, tickled pink, pinktastic, pinkeriffic are just a few words that come to mind when describing Pinkalicious. Pink is the color of happiness and Pinkalicious is just that…a colorful explosion of pink sparkly fun.
How many times as parents have we heard, “Just one more?” It’s a phrase Pinkalicious Pinkerton says when she wants another pink cupcake. Pinkalicious turns pink from eating too many cupcakes and is diagnosed by Dr. Wink as having “Pinkititis.” The only way to cure it is with a healthy dose of green foods. 

The Dallas Children’s Theatre had an audience full of giggly girly girls in their pink tutus and tiaras but also little brothers who tagged along. My daughter’s little brother was one of the boys in the audience who was tickled pink to be there. Boys like the color pink too!
Most of the boys in my second grade classroom like pink. I was listening to a conversation between some boys after one of them chose a pink Expo marker to work a math problem on the whiteboard. Another boy said to him, “Dude, pink is NOT a manly color!” In his defense, several other boys commented on how they like pink and for the whole math lesson, boys kept picking the pink Expo marker. I decided it would be a perfect time to read the Pinkalicious book to my class. Then there was more discussion…about how pink is awesome dude!
The DCT Pinkalicious musical followed Victoria and Elizabeth Kann’s book beautifully. Walking into the theatre you see a plethora of pink. The lobby is decked out in pink hearts, dots, fabric, twinkle lights, tulle and they have Sprinkles red velvet pink cupcakes in the concession stand…It’s a mecca for lovers of pink, a pinkapalooza!
Pinkalcious Pinkerton has the average American family (mom, dad, brother, sister) who do everything together…baking, going to the park and the doctor office. One of my favorite scenes was when Pinkalicious turns pink and the family hops on their four person bike to ride to the doctor’s office.  

The music has lively numbers reminiscent of old classics. “Buzz Off” is a number when butterflies, bees and birds mistake Pinkalicious for a flower made me think of Guys and Dolls, “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.” The scene when Dr. Wink diagnoses Pinkalicious as having “pinkititis” brings a Bob Fosse style that reminded me of the musical Chicago. All the songs are enjoyable for the adults as well as the children. My little boy loved the “Cupcake Dream” where the cupcakes sing during the night.
Pinkalicious and her brother Peter are pinktastic! The family literally finds their true colors along with lots of laughter love. The show is high energy and a lot of fun. Go see it, you’ll be tickled pink!
Pinkalicious is playing at the Dallas Children’s Theatre now through October 28th. Get your tickets here.

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