You’ve got snail mail: postcards from Italy!


Scrolling through my twitter feed one afternoon I saw something that grabbed my attention from Jessica Lynn Writes, “POSTCARD SWAP!”  I signed up and impatiently waited…and waited for my snail mail to arrive.

I swapped postcards with Allison who is an American military blogger currently living in Naples, Italy.

A few weeks went by and I found myself skipping to the mailbox hoping my postcard would be in our little white box. When it finally came, I squealed with delight! Receiving snail mail is like opening a present, you don’t know what’s inside and you can’t wait to find out!

Birthday cards come once a year but you kind of know (or hope) they’re coming. A random postcard from another country is a jewel in the mailbox.

I’m a HUGE lover of Italy so when a postcard arrived from Naples, I did the happy dance. It makes me smile to know that someone in Italy thought of me instead of thinking about pizza, pasta, lemoncello…or all the many wonderful things there are in ITALIA!

I found two really fun apps called Snapshot Postcard and Postagram that makes sending a personal card a snap. I thought of my second grade students who have penpals in France. How easy would it be for them to stay in touch and create their own postcard?

I’m a big fan of letters too but getting a visual picture of a place is so satisfying!

Many brides are opting to have postcards as an alternative to a guestbook so when they come back from their honeymoon their mailbox is full of wonderful messages.

I always like to pick up postcards from my travels and when I visit a museum. The postcards I have are a shoebox of memories.

Jessica had a brilliant idea with the postcard swap!

Be inspired to mail a postcard buy or make your own.

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