Our Daily Juice: Sweep the Kitchen


My husband says there’s just something about fresh juice, it sets you right! It feels so good to give it to the ones I love knowing that what I give them will love them back.

My juicer was a birthday present from my husband almost five years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. It is by far my favorite kitchen appliance.

I’ve always loved fresh juice but my first awe inspiring experience was at the airport in Venice. It was five o’clock in the morning and I ordered an orange juice thinking I’d get a plastic bottle of minute maid; boy was I in for a treat! Watching a little Italian lady put whole oranges in a giant contraption, my jaw dropped. When I tasted the mouthwatering tang of frothy freshly squeezed orange juice, I knew I had to have one of those magical machines!

There are certain restaurants that offer specialty juice drinks like The Noho Star in New York City. I remember eating there with my mom before we went to visit my cousin who lived down the street off Bleecker. I remember feeling like a weary traveler until I ordered fresh carrot, celery, parsley and apple juice and was transformed into the energizer bunny.  

Fresh juice has magical qualities, not only do you get pleasure from the taste but you feel good instantly. The raw fruit and vegetables you fill the juicer with are loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes that happen to be supremely good for you. There’s not a better start to the day. There’s a basic human instinct to be healthier and happier and what better time than the morning for a fresh start to the day.

Once you get into the habit of making your own fresh juice the combinations are endless and there’s no way you’ll ever crave minute maid again. You’ll start to feel a little like a bartender, and it’s fun to create. I love that my children prefer fresh over carton juice. My daughter loves orange juice, my son prefers apple. I mix in other fruits and vegetables like accessories: orange/strawberry/blueberry or apple/carrot/celery both make nice combinations. It’s fun for the kids to make up our own juice names like “grapple” or “pearple.” I can also throw in a handful of spinach or kale so I don’t have to worry about vegetables the rest of the day. You can make your own V8 and have the best Bloody Mary ever!

Another great thing is that nothing in my kitchen is wasted. Everything gets used or juiced; I literally “sweep the kitchen” into the juicer! I make small batches and we drink it immediately because juices don’t save well, plus the nutrients start to decline the longer it sits.

I like to dilute my juice with a little Pellegrino because it gives a zippy quality and is even more hydrating.

If you decide to invest in a juicer, I highly recommend the Breville . It’s durable, beautiful, fabulous accessory to your kitchen, and it’s Italian (è molto buono)!  Don’t wait to squeeze the juice out of уουr fruit and veggies and into your life. Remember, the only way to have a really great day is to get a really great start on it. Cheers or Cin cin!

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