April is for letters

Did you know that the U.S. Postal Service officially designated April National Card and Letter Writing Month in 2001 “to raise awareness of the importance and historical significance of letter writing?” A whole month dedicated to letters…yes please!

Everything about a letter screams “somebody cares”: the name and address in familiar handwriting, the knowledge someone took the time to sit down and write to you and then find a stamp and send it. So when you write someone a letter, you’re literally sending happiness into the world.

Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking about your next letter…

  • Send a friend a recipe along with a letter.
  • Recommend a book that you read.
  • Ask an older relative to record a memory.
  • Share a list of the best movies you’ve seen.
  • Include an old photo and reminisce.
  • Send a re-thank you note for something you use so much that you want to thank them again.
  • Send a clipping of their horoscope.
  • Write a nice note to your favorite teacher.
  • Send a cheer up note and include jokes.
  • Revive a correspondence with an old pen pal.
  • Write to your neighbor telling them how much you love their garden.
  • Include a wordsearch or checkbox questions that can be filled out and returned.
  • Send a letter of thanks to someone in the military.
  • Write a thank you to your own mailman.
My daughter practiced her calligraphy to say thanks to our mailman

My goal for April is to write a letter a day…I’m encouraging my first grade classroom and my own children to write letters too. I believe we all need more happiness. Skip to your mailbox today and stuff it with a letter to spread some love.

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