Apricot Lane: Fashion is art…contests and more!

Shopping in the spring/summer season means: romantic florals with a touch of leopard print, flowy peasant blouses, colors like navy, purple, and coral. You might be working in an office or heading to the playground for a play date. The good news is you can find it all here with a staff that can show you how to work both ends in the same day. 

Tim Gunn recently said, When we look good, we feel better. That’s true for everyone… You feel better able to tackle the world. No matter your profession, you do a better job when you feel good about what you’re wearing.

Photos: I feel good wearing these feminine pieces that can work day and night. It makes me want to sing the Cover Girl commercial…Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!

The Internet is a fashionable accessory! Trends are more accessible and affordable for everyone now and technology improves where and when we can shop. There are certain stores you so wish you could shop online like H&M and Apricot Lane; but after shopping in the store you are reminded of just how powerful a knowledgeable staff can be. As a working mom I know how easy it is to just click a button on the computer and be done. What you can’t get on the internet is the sixth sense that a retail staff has; they know what you need before you know it. What I love that Apricot Lane offers is their Facebook page.  

Social media is a wonderful thing!  Twitter and Facebook can provide that sixth sense in your pocket; providing real-time feedback on the looks that work, and those that don’t.  I love that column in Lucky magazine “Does this outfit work?” On Apricot Lane’s Facebook page, you can get instant feedback.  I think it’s similar to looking at a magazine or catalog to preview what you think might work on you. When you go into Apricot Lane, you can say I heard about this item from your page, can you set me up in a dressing room? You have to “Like” to be in-the-know! In these times, you can’t beat quick and easy. In some instances to “like” is better than to “tweet” because an instant picture is worth a thousand words.

It is impressive to me that owner of four local Apricot Lane boutiques, Cristi Hargroves, works with the University of North Texas to place fashion students in her stores. So much of Apricot Lane’s philosophy is about giving back to the community. It just feels right to shop here! Walking into Apricot Lane you can instantly feel that Texas courtesy. In the Highland Village store, Karen and Katie greet you with smiles; they are warm, down to earth, and extremely helpful.

When I ran in to Apricot Lane over Spring Break I had my children (who are two and four) with me. Their stores are welcoming and created for moms who might be shopping with their children. PR representative, Stacey Graham says that’s the “norm” in Apricot Lane. They even had an activity box for my children to play with in the dressing room with me. This immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. Being a mom and a second grade teacher I’m around children all of the time, but I feel very sensitive to others who might not want them around. I never got that feeling at Apricot Lane; they had the “children make the world go round” kind of attitude.  This is that store your daughter, mother, and grandmother can find something that is age suitable and fashion forward fabulous.

You can always find unique items at Apricot Lane (some that help charitable causes); they also stay true to Texas, true to sports, and true to the times.

I’m thrilled to share with you three exciting ways you can get involved in the social “fashion” media with Apricot Lane:

·         Apricot Lane DFW is having a stylist contest that starts on Wednesday, March 23 and runs through the end of the month. Entry is simple! Log onto Apricot Lane and become a fan.  Upload pictures of your most stylish Apricot Lane ensemble, accessories…and show off your favorite “Spring” trend. There will be three categories for the contest:

1.       Stylish student

2.       Edgy entrepreneur

3.       Modern mom

Anyone can vote on their favorite post and the fashionista with the most votes in each category by the end of the contest will receive a pair of Miss Me jeans!  The winner will also get the title of “Apricot Lane’s Stylist” and get the chance to come into the store to try on the newest fashions!  The outfit you choose will be featured the following month as Apricot Lane’s Fashion Forecaster Look.

·      The next contest is Très Ashley for Apricot Lane! Fashion IS art! How can you translate it to readers? Through a poem, sketch, photograph, video…Email it to me at tresashley@gmail.com and I will post your “fashion is art” creation. This is a contest for all ages. Go on and open up your creative “crayon box” of fun. We work so hard these days that sometimes the only chance our creative side comes through is through fashion. I challenge you to find the time to be creative in another media. I will post contest winners and you will win a gold humanity bracelet (featured in the photo above) from Apricot Lane with inspirational words that remind you to find your creativity in everyday tasks. Coco Chanel once said, Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Dare to think outside the box!

·         Très Ashley Bonus: If you go into Apricot Lane and mention this blog, you can receive 20% off one regularly priced item. Happy Shopping!

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