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There are few things better than a Girl’s Getaway, especially when it’s with a group of ballet dancers who enjoy wine, yoga, Pilates and fine food.

Four friends kicked off the trip shopping at some local treasure troves and then hit up the Tremont House for cocktails on the roof. I’m still dreaming about the mojito! Then we happily walked the strand to The Original. Their chile relleno is my kind of comfort food.

One of the most serendipitous events of our weekend was stumbling upon the Juneteenth parade on our way to dinner…children threw us beads and candy, we saw a corvette caravan and several marching bands that put us in a dancing mood.  This Juneteenth celebration marked one-hundred-fifty years slaves were freed on June 19, 1865 after the Emancipation Proclamation was read on a harbor pier in Galveston, Texas.


Yoga and Pilates are a great team with a lot in common. Yoga compliments Pilates with breath, flexibility, balance, concentration, and meditation. The two marry well together…four ballet dancers appreciate both.

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The second morning we headed out to practice yoga and Pilates at The Body Space. There were more serendipitous feelings when we found out that not only was our instructor certified in both yoga and Pilates but we were certified under the same Pilates program…Peak Pilates! The owner and instructor, Courtney, gave us vivid imagery cues like “knit your ribs” to help us find our powerhouse. The studio was everything you would imagine a studio at the beach to be…light, bright and airy. I can’t wait to go back.

That afternoon we enjoyed the beach with sangria, the hot tub with chardonnay (this was our favorite), and dinner with a Cabernet.

Our third and last full day was pure indulgence. It happened to be international yoga day…what better day to practice yoga on the beach. It was a truly memorable experience! The sounds of the ocean played the music and the sun warmed us awake as we did several sun salutations. It was nice to close our eyes and feel the sand underneath our mat, the salty air blow our hair back and listen to the sounds of summer.
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Ballet dancers at the beach believe…
  • Ballet dancers believe that there’s nothing like the feeling of becoming one with the music…especially when the music is the sound of the ocean.
  • Ballet dancers believe sometimes cookie dough is what’s it’s all about.
  • Ballet dancers believe that Pandora’s Madonna channel is the BEST channel.
  • Ballet dancers believe that wearing lots and lots of layers is ballet chic…even in the summer.
  • Ballet dancers believe that a little arnica can cure anything.
  • Ballet dancers believe that if you truly want to test your balance, sangria and dancer’s pose on the beach will do it.
  • Ballet dancers believe that you can never collect too many seashells.
  • Ballet dancers believe in cocktails that are shaken and stirred.
  • Ballet dancers believe that you can get to know someone better on a road trip than you can backstage half-naked in a dressing room.
  • Ballet dancers believe that practicing yoga and Pilates feels as natural as using salt and pepper in the kitchen.
  • Ballet dancers believe that birds of a feather flock together…because it can be hard to make close friends in your thirties and forties.
  • Ballet dancers believe that we learn by practicing, and we should never stop…no matter what age!!
Time well spent with friends at the beach is a great way to press the reset button. These friends have work, family and a seemingly endless to do list. It was relaxing, reaffirming and inspiring to take the time out…now easier to get back to the to do list. When was the last time you tested your balance at the beach with your friends?

*A big thank you to my friend Lisa for organizing such a fantastic weekend! xx

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