The Evil Eye: A Lucky Charm


Nobody has more evil eye charms dangling from their pot rack, key chains, doorways, rear-view mirrors and necklaces than a Turk. My sister-in-law Jeyhan is Turkish. We have a few evil eye charms that she has given us that we proudly display in our home…they are our lucky charms.

The evil eye is said to absorb negative energy and to ward off anything that will attract envy and greed. My sister-in-law graduated from college with a 4.0, was the Homecoming Queen, the president of her sorority and is now a plastic surgeon and a Mom. Do you feel envy now? Could it be that growing up surrounded by evil eyes her whole life has brought the ultimate luck? Here’s hoping some of that good luck will rub off on us.

The Turkish evil eye is called the Nazar Boncugu, which literally means the “evil eye bead.” The blue and white glass beads look like eyes. The evil eye is most effective if given as a gift.

The Nazar Boncugu is a beautiful blue color because blue is believed to hold shielding power and absorb negative energy. Don’t you want them all over your house? I have an evil eye on my necklace that I wear every day…it’s my lucky charm. This evil eye jewelry is dainty, sweet and perfect for layering.

Turkey is not the only place where evil eyes are used. Greece, Brazil, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, German…have all been wearing and using the evil eye for thousands of years.  Many different cultures and religions love the evil eye. Nazar Boncugu is unique for Turkey with its long-time glass making history.

You can’t go wrong; the evil eyes are beautiful, and they just might protect you and bring you good fortune. Wear or display yours proudly for good karma and say…serefe!

evil eye 2

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