New Year Traditions from around the world

Welcome the New Year with traditions from around the world. This New Year, my neighbor’s might find me circling my house with my suitcase. Happy New Year! xx

Cuba: circle your house with a suitcase at midnight to bring travel opportunities for the year.

Brazil: wear white to ward off evil spirits and jump seven ocean waves for each day of the week.

Chili: drop a gold ring in your champagne glass for a prosperous year. Also, eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight.

France: enjoy a family dinner with foie gras and champagne and a galette des rois.

Italy: wear red underwear for good luck and enjoy a special family meal.

Austria: eat suckling pig, marzipan and maybe enjoy a Strauss concert.

Scotland: people sing the Scottish song, ‘Auld Lang Syne‘ at midnight. It’s played around the world, but it started here with Robert Burns.

England: The first footing…the first person to enter a house on January 1st should be a male with dark hair bringing coal, bread or salt.

Spain: eat twelve grapes…one with each ring of the bell when the clock strikes midnight.

Ireland: a single woman might put mistletoe under her pillow before she goes to sleep on New Year’s Eve to dream of her future love.

Philippines: wear polka dots and eat oranges to ensure a prosperous year.

Columbia: sweep your house to get rid of the bad energy.

Denmark: stand on top of a chair and leap off at midnight.

Russia: write down a wish on a piece of paper, burn the paper and put the ashes in flute and drink your wish.

America: eat black eyed peas for good luck and ham and cabbage for prosperity.

Wishing you the happiest 2014!

Skaal! Prost! Na Zdorovje! Saude! Salud! A Votre Sante, Slainte! Cin Cin! Mabuhay! Cheers!

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