Happy Birthday Little Sister!!

Happy Birthday Paige!!

Little sister, musician and merrymaker!

My little sister Paige is my favorite person to laugh with. Earlier this year I called her laughing so hysterically that I couldn’t even speak. She patiently waited (while laughing with me) until stopped giggling hard enough to share with her what was so funny. If I know something funny, she’s the first person I want to share it with.

When my husband and I watch a funny movie together with Paige, she always makes the movie more hysterical with her goofy character voices. My Mom and Dad always beg us to do our pretend Saturday Night Live skit of “Chinese Cheerleading” that we’ve been practicing since elementary school…it gets funnier with wine!


When Paige comes in town, we stock the pantry with kettle corn and my husband is sure to make her favorite dinner, sticky chicken wings.

Paige is one of those extroverts who knows everyone everywhere. When my sister lived in New York City my mom and I visited her. I remember the three of us walking down fifth avenue and someone across the street shouted, “PAAAIGE!” It happened again with a different person when we were shopping for her apartment in Gracious Home. That same day, Katharine Hepburn hugged her after she had waited on her in the restaurant she worked at, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ. There’s always someone somewhere who knows my sister and if they don’t know her, they want too!

My sister Paige on an Easter egg hunt, dressed as Betty Boop for Halloween and silly sibling pics from the 80’s.

After I had my first child, my sister helped out so much. I don’t mean she did the dishes and laundry, but she just knew how to make life happy and easy going! I was so tired and was trying to finish the book “The Baby Whisper” when she told me to close my eyes and she read it out loud to me.

Growing up, Paige and I used to share a room then later, the upstairs of my parents house. She’s a very heavy sleeper and when her alarm would go off for school, she would KEEP SLEEPING! She was smart to move her alarm away from her bed so she’d have to get out and walk to it and try to wake herself up.

Something I admire about my sister is that she doesn’t seem to need anything material. I think of her a little like a nomad, moving from Texas to Montana to New York to California and she just goes…not holding on to material things. I also admire her confidence and spirit. She’s a talented singer/songwriter. Her band is called The Peach Kings and she just keeps getting better. My favorite song she sings is Fisherman. It’s like a Lay’s potato chip…you can’t listen to it just once!

Aunt Paige making my children laugh!

My little sister is a beloved Aunt! She creates scavenger hunt games for the kids, plays endless games of hide and seek and is not afraid to be loud playing “marching band” while my little ones follow her around the house banging on drums.

Three sisters saying serefe! (our sister-in-law Jeyhan, me and Paige)

Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply…~Jane Austen

Many happy returns ma petite soeur!
I love you!
xx, Ashley

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