Rosemary Beach: a watercolor of a vacation

Ahh…summertime at Rosemary Beach, Florida and the living is easy. The lazy hazy turquoise sky days are a watercolor of a vacation at the emerald coast. Imagine unforgettable sunsets, children’s laughter, gentle surf, snowy white sandy beaches and you’re at Rosemary Beach. It is a special place where the pleasant and ever-present breeze creates a calming effect that totally relaxes the body and mind. The only thing to think about is what to eat for dinner.

Unlike other beaches, once you arrive at Rosemary and park your car, you won’t need to get back into it until it’s time to go home. Rosemary Beach has that leisurely feel that eases you into a real staycation because once you arrive; leaving is not something anyone wants to contemplate.

Vacationers can walk everywhere and do anything they please because everything is at your fingertips: shopping, swimming, Pilates, yoga, tennis, biking, the spa, restaurants, bocce ball, Frisbee, or croquet… There are so many choices; you might not be able to check off everything on your list in one week (especially if you become a regular at a favorite spot). All the more reason to return!

My family definitely became regulars at the Sugar Shak, having ice cream once (sometimes twice) a day. Everyone’s favorite flavor is right there at what seems like everyone’s favorite place…I mean really, don’t you just want to be at a place called “The Sugar Shak?” The beauty of a vacation is that you can always choose to do as much or as little as you like and Rosemary Beach is the perfect place where whatever you choose will be perfect.

Going to the beach should be about finding peace and here, time does slow down. You won’t see anyone at Rosemary Beach wearing a watch because the bell tower in the town square rings on the hour and what more do you need? In the town square you will also find a post office, gallery, shops, and restaurants that complete the community package.

Gallivanting by foot or bike is the preferred transportation, especially because everything is within five minutes walking distance. Rosemary has all the amenities of home including yards for the children to play in and porches for your morning coffee.

It’s fun to explore the many boardwalks right outside your door; you can get lost to be found in this intimate paradise. Rosemary has employed the concept of New Urbanism in which the sense of community breaks down fears and encourages friendliness.

Rosemary Beach is a tranquil watercolor storybook town that was established in 1995. Rosemary isn’t crowded or pretentious; it has an ease and familiarity that all ages will appreciate. Rosemary’s sense of community makes the vacationer feel safe and comfortable; it is livable with a small town atmosphere. The architecture is soft, warm, and timeless; a perfect fit for the stunning coastal landscape.

A relaxed atmosphere of the old Caribbean (think the West Indies) but also Charleston and Italy. Every cottage, carriage house, loft, and building is uniquely custom designed (there are more than 600 homes). Even the colors are calming with the earthy Tuscan palettes of chocolate, cream, and terra cottas on the architecture that compliment the emerald coast. The cobblestone on winding narrow roads gives Rosemary that European-like feel.

You will see a lot of Rosemary here because it grows wild in the area, even the shampoo products provided are Aveda Rosemary Mint.

Rosemary is a restaurateur’s paradise in which you can choose a different cuisine every night and the whole family will be happy.  

The whole experience is so much like the Don McLean song, American Pie. There’s no doubt in my mind that if the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost were really to catch the last train for the coast, in order to stay true to that song, the train would head straight for Rosemary Beach.

Rosemary’s Good Eats

Cowgirl Kitchen: reminds me of Texas. It has a Southwestern-style casual feel and my favorite, gourmet pizzas.

Onano: named after the Italian town where the owner’s (Mark) grandmother was born, transports you to Tuscany through food.

The Summer Kitchen Café: a casual breakfast and lunch hangout with sandwiches, burgers, and American desserts.

Restaurant Paradis: a small inviting restaurant that serves fresh Gulf seafood along with steaks and fine wines.

Wild Olives: a market for quick bites and fantastic wine selections.

Courtyard Wine and Cheese: stop in the wine bar then enjoy some old world artisan cheese.

La Crema Tapas & Chocolate: a cozy courtyard invites you to enjoy a bit of Spain. I love that they even a child’s tapas menu.

Dog Man Du: my children’s favorite lunch time place to accompany a stroll to the beach. They would eat their Dog Man Du hot dogs in the little red Radio Flyer wagon that I pulled them in and be happy as clams.

Something sweet: Sugar Shak has an old-fashioned ambiance where the customers are always happy to find the open sign. These two are sweet places for the young and the young at heart.

Shopping in Rosemary

The Hidden Lantern Bookstore: This is not your average book store! Loaded with personality and thoughtfulness, The Hidden Lantern provides books and events that inspire a love for the written word.

My most favorite store in the world is Pish Posh Patchouli’s where you can design your signature scent at the custom scent bar; then select soaps, lotions, perfumes galore.

Fitz and Emme: the newest children’s boutique feels like you could be shopping in a quaint European shop.

Gigi’s Fabulous Kids’ Fashions & Toys: Offers the CUTEST European-style clothing and accessories for children. Gigi’s celebrates your child’s individual style.

Trading Company: You can’t leave without stopping by here! Get souviners that you will accually use!

Tracery: You can find everything you were looking for but haven’t found yet here in this interior design and furnishing shop.

Once you come to Rosemary, you will want to return year after year.

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